OSF Ticket Sales Up, Still Behind Goal

6-30 OSF

ASHLAND, Ore. – Organizers with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival say they’re having a good year so far in terms of ticket sales, but they’re still coming in below their goal.

Festival planners say they set the bar high this year after seeing gains in previous years. Ticket prices have also gone up along with those gains.

They say tickets should be available over the holiday as many will be leaving town or seeing fireworks. They also say to expect stacked lineups as we get into the height of the season.

“This is when people are on vacation, and so we get a lot of our single ticket sales happening during this time of the year,” said Festival Communications Manager Amy Richard.

Richard says they’re still waiting to decide if they’re going to change ticket prices for next year.

They’re already holding meetings to discuss next year’s budget, but that won’t be set in stone until later in the year.