OSF Raises $133K for AIDS/HIV


ASHLAND, Ore. – The Oregon Shakespeare Festival has raised more than $133,000 for their annual AIDS/HIV fundraiser, the Daedalus Project. The record breaking total shatters last year’s numbers which totaled $18,000.

The festival itself is comprised of a concert reading of Falsettoland, an Arts & Treasure sale, an Underwear Parade, a film festival, a 5K run and more. The events all together raised $133,300. It’s possible this year’s numbers may change due to expenses not accounted for just yet, but those who participating in the Daedalus Project are ecstatic.

Funds will be distributed to various local, regional, national and international organizations related to HIV and AIDS.

Next year’s Daedalus Project is already scheduled for Monday, August 18th.