Organizations Fight Summer Hunger

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MEDFORD, Ore. — With schools in the Rogue Valley getting closer to summer, local organizations are working to make sure kids are still getting regular meals.

In 2013, only about 1 in 10 kids in Jackson County eligible for free lunch during the school year participated in summer meal programs.

That information was collected by the Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon, who hopes that raising awareness will prompt more resources like the meal program at Kids Unlimited to keep kids from going hungry.

“We are offering services to the students that will centralize them at the locations where the food will be provided, and for a lot of those kids we do busing and provide additional transportation to assure that they’ll be able to get to the summer camps,” said Kids Unlimited Executive Director Tom Cole.

Kids Unlimited is just one location that provides free lunches over the summer, and administrators say they serve nearly 300 kids per day.

For more locations and resources, visit the Summer Meals website.