Oregonians Protest Illegal Immigration

immigrationSALEM, Ore. — A demonstration on immigration took place far from the U.S./Mexico border. About 1,000 miles away, on a highway overpass in Salem, about two dozen people lined up with American flags, this weekend.

Others held signs, protesting illegal immigration. The protest was organized by the group, Oregonians for Immigration Reform.


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  1. W Hunt says:

    Six people (including me) came down with a virulent strain of bacterial pneumonia, going from healthy to hospital in one to three days. It’s not safe to have unrestricted illegal immigration because of the polio, pertussis, typhus, typhoid, pneumonias, tuberculosis, and other diseases being brought into the country.

    Unfortunately, until it affects someone high in power, it’s going to be ignored because they just don’t care any more about the public. This is self-evident by policies of the last 20 years that have directly caused harm to the nation, it’s culture, it’s morals, and it’s economy.

    1. Bunny Snow. says:

      I agree. The list of illnesses is a long one. Many have not been seen in the USA in many generations, so natural immunity is likely gone. It is evident that these people were courted to come up here. I hope the border states will start responding to help protect us since our federal government has clearly shown that they are helping this problem, not helping us.

  2. Milton says:

    I agree with these guy but ya know we can protest till we are bule in the face our government
    will not listen to us, we must take the fight to the streets I think it time we make our feeling known

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