Oregon Troops Prepare For Mission

ASHLAND, Ore. – Oregon National Guard troops may soon be getting the call to return to the Middle East.

Guard members have been given a “notification of sourcing,” which means they need to start preparing for possible security missions in Afghanistan in 2014. An Oregon Army National Guard spokesman said it does not necessarily mean troops actually will be deployed, but that they need to be ready if the time comes.

The call is being given to Oregon’s 41st Infantry Brigade Combat Team, which has battalions in several cities in Oregon, including Ashland and Bend. Captain Stephen Bomar with the Oregon National Guard said the specifics of the mission would not be made clear until the mission itself becomes official.

For right now, they’ll train for broad security missions from gate security to convoy security and multiple security missions,” he said.

Meanwhile, Representative Greg Walden said he hopes the deployment does not happen. Walden, who was visiting the Air National Guard in Klamath Falls Tuesday, said he hopes U.S. troops are fully out of Afghanistan before this mission would begin in 2014.