Oregon To Discuss Gun Control Laws

SALEM, Ore. — The battle between gun control and gun rights is heating up in Oregon and across the country. In just days, Oregon lawmakers will hold hearings on gun legislation.

One of the people they’ll be hearing from is a man who lost his brother-in-law in the Clackamas Town Center shooting. Paul Kemp lost his brother-in-law, Steve Forsyth, in the mall shooting last year. He says he has reached out to national groups trying to curb gun violence.

Paul Kemp is rallying for a national background check. He also says there’s no need for citizens to be able to buy high capacity magazines and says there should be consequences for gun owners who don’t properly store their weapons.

The Oregon lawmakers who will be hearing his story will be considering several gun safety bills. One bill would require background checks on gun sales between private parties excluding family members. Another would require a shooting test to get a concealed handgun license.

A separate piece of legislation would make it illegal to openly carry a weapon in a public building and another would ban guns in primary and secondary schools.

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  1. Steven Lund says:

    Since the primary goal in the US Congress is re-election, I thoroughly support Oregon taking a lead in legislation to curb the insanity relative to guns and gun rights. We should pass universal background checks for all gun transactions, Just as dangerous speech is not protected by the first amendment, assault rifles and ammunition clips greater than 10 rounds can also be limited without violating the spirit of the second amendment. Ducks and Deer are frequently protected by limiting rounds; why not people. I will no longer vote for any representative or senator that does not support reasonable gun control.

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