Oregon Test Scores at 12-Year Low

SATMEDFORD, Ore. — Statistics released this week show the state average for the math section of the SAT is at a 12 year low. While the math section has taken a hit, the writing section has held steady.

Standardized tests, whether the SAT or ACT, are essential to getting into a university. Over the past several years however, Oregon students have fared worse and worse on average in the math section of the SAT.

The average SAT score in the state is now 517 compared to 521 last year and 529 in 2006. Some students opt to take an SAT class through their school or through a private tutor to help prepare for the specialized style of test presented by the SAT and ACT.

Eric Danson, owner of Future Focus, has helped students prepare for the SAT for several years now and says the test presents challenging questions students may not be used to from standardized teaching in school.

“If you do the math problems the way you were taught in class, you will probably make one of the mistakes that the test makers want you to make. You have to actually think outside of the box, think for yourself and look at different ways to get to the problem,” said Danson.

The principal at Ashland High School says the students at her school have seen a different trend compared to the state. She says the SAT math scores are the highest they’ve been in three years, coming in at 564, 47 points above the state average.

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  1. mark says:

    How to reverse this educational death spiral?
    In “Progressive” (Liberal/Ashland-Speak)) terminology…
    Pay the teachers MORE….and, make the tests…EASIER!

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