Oregon Spotted Frog Now Endangered

Oregon Spotted FrogPORTLAND, Ore. – The U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife announced today that the Oregon Spotted Frog will be protected as an endangered species. This will fall under the Endangered Species Act.

Both Oregon and Washington populations will be listed as threatened. The range for the species extends from British Columbia, down to the Klamath Basin. The entire region will now be protected areas.

“This unique and highly aquatic frog was once common in the Pacific Northwest and its decline signals degradation in the health of natural areas that provide for people as well as fish and wildlife,” said Tom McDowell, the Service’s Washington Fish and Wildlife Office Acting Supervisor. “Our ongoing work with partners to conserve and restore Oregon spotted frog habitat means improvements to our land and water that will benefit many other species and provide for a healthy environment for future generations.”

The Oregon Spotted Frog has disappeared from up to 90% of the mentioned range, mostly due to loss and degradation of wetland habitat, Hydrology changes and nonnative species have also made an impact on the habitat of the frog.