Oregon Sees Jump In Flu Cases

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Oregon may have its earliest flu season in the last 10 years. Health officials say they have seen a jump in diagnosed flu cases, well above the average. Cases are up in this past week, and health officials are telling people to get vaccinated.

To give you an idea at how quickly the flu has spread in our area, in the second to last week of 2012, Oregon was below its normal seasonal threshold for the flu. Then last week, it jumped to double the normal level. Jackson County Health Officials say its an earlier flu season than normal.

Typically, Oregon’s number of confirmed cases peaks in February. saw 20 patients come in with flu symptoms this past week, higher than what they normally see this time of year. Jackson County Health says Oregon is now seeing the same rise in flu cases that officials are diagnosing throughout the country.

Jackson County Public Health says the best way to fight off the flu is to get the vaccine. The Center For Disease Control says this season’s vaccine is 98% effective against the flu strains that are out there right now. For more of the latest updates on Oregon’s flu season, click here.