Oregon Sales Tax Considered

SALEM, Ore. — Oregon residents may soon see a sales tax stamped on their purchases without ever voting on the issue.

Three Oregon senators have proposed a 5% sales tax, on items like cars, toys and clothing. They believe that Oregon’s budget is too inconsistent, because it relies heavily on income tax, which puts school funding at risk.

The proposed tax will be decided on by lawmakers next year, not voters, and would eliminate 50% of all state income and property taxes.


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  1. greg egan says:

    School funding is at risk because of PERS and the past bad practices….not the lack of tax revenue. Until you address the PERS mess I will fight any new taxes(especially a sales tax) until the bitter end…

  2. Trisha says:

    So, a sales tax is proposed with the supposed promise it would cut our state income tax and our property taxes in half? I call B.S. They will not lower income taxes as that funds other things and they will not lower property taxes as that funds other things as well. School funding is at risk because our governments spend too much money on other things and keep taking away from our schools and seniors. How about cutting out something else like all the stupid grants for studying lame things like micro-shrimp in a field or a field mouse or some other thing that does not need to be granted millions of dollars for a study that serves no purpose in the end. It is not right that 3 people get to make this decision knowing full well that the sales tax proposals have been beaten by the voters EVERY TIME it has been on the ballot. So now they think they can just circumvent the voters because they are not getting the results they want? NO NEW TAXES!

  3. Michael R. says:

    How is it possible that the voters can be bypassed on this, after we have voted it down nine times?

    1. Michael R. says:

      I thought that was for voters to decide.

  4. gary reid says:


  5. Mike says:

    I think this is a great idea as long as income taxes and property taxes are cut in half as promised. The sales tax is a fair solution for everyong to pitch in to help our schools its not fair the burden lies on property owners. I have seen my grandparents lose thier house because they cant keep up with the astronimical property tax, one of the highest in the country all this after they spent thier whole lives paying off the house itself. Its time to do something and make it affordable for people to stay in thier homes they faught to pay off alll thier lives! ofcourse its not a famous idea for non home owners who are getting away with not contributing to the schools!

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