Oregon Ranks Highest For Deer Collisions

DEERMEDFORD, Ore. — It’s dangerous being a deer in Oregon. A recent study shows Oregon ranks the highest on the west coast when it comes to deer-car collisions.

Odds are 1 in every 271 drivers will hit a deer when driving. Oregon Fish and Wildlife biologist Mark Vargas says roughly 1,700 deer are hit and collected off the side of the road every year, and that does not include the ones that die after they leave the scene of the crash.

Oregon ranks near the middle of the 50 states when it comes to deer-car collisions coming in at number 35.

“The worst timing of the year is right now through November because the deer in our area are migrating and they are crossing roads so there are more deer available to hit,” said Vargas.

Deer collisions are most likely to happen in West Virginia for the seventh year in a row.