Oregon Ranks 43rd In Education Policies

MEDFORD, Ore. — Oregon ranks one of the worst for improving student’s achievement in math and reading skills among other states, according to a national education newspaper, Education Week.

The National Assessment of Educational Progress tested a small sample of students in grades fourth and eight in every state. They found Oregon was one of the worst in the nation.

Scores in reading and math from 2003 were compared to the recent scores from 2011. The test found that fourth graders in every state made more progress in math than those in Oregon. Other states also out-performed Oregon when it came to eighth graders and math.

Oregon also ranked low at getting minority students to catch up to white students in fourth grade reading. NewsWatch12 spoke with the Medford School District and officials there said this assessment does not correlate with anything Oregon is doing. The district looks at state standards, but also at what’s called the common core standards.

“Which are a national standard, and we’re in the process of shifting what were the regional standards to the national standards, and so that’s going to take two to three years for all of our curricular to be aligned and all of the assessments materials. I mean, it’s a big process to change all that standards out,” said Todd Bloomquist, the Director of Human Resources.

Medford school officials anticipate a more accurate assessment to come out in the future from the common core standards. Though school officials do say this assessment is not completely inaccurate. Oregon is struggling; having to do more with less. Medford schools have one of the shortest school years in the nation and budgets cuts in all districts in Oregon are impacting student learning.


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  1. Brian Badura says:

    Oh My God! Really? Please read that twice.

  2. jennifer says:

    I have recently moved here from Utah and I can say that this seems true. My son is in the second grade and has less homework here then in Utah. And when I lived here after moving from California, my homework and class work where a breeze. What is going on Oregon????

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