Oregon Police Warn of Fake Cop Scams

SALEM, Ore. — The Oregon Department of Justice and the Oregon State Police (OSP) are warning citizens to be on the alert for two police impersonation scams. One scam conned just two people out of thousands of dollars.

Several agencies across Oregon have received reports of these scams. In one, the scammers come to your door claiming to be police officers investigating counterfeit money. They ask to inspect the cash, then run off with the money.

In another scam, the con artists claim to be Oregon State Police troopers, and leave voice messages saying you own money for unpaid traffic tickets. The victims are asked to load the money on to a Green Dot MoneyPak re-loadable debit card, and then asked to provide the card number and security codes. The Oregon Justice Department is reminding people that Oregon State Police will never call asking for any payment.

If you suspect you are being targeting for a scam, ask the collector (caller) for information specific to the alleged unpaid traffic citation. They should have the court case number, date of ticket, vehicle license, location of violation, etc. If the call receiver wants additional detail about the debt or to verify what the caller is telling them, they can call the OJD collections hotline at 1-888-564-2828.