Oregon Outpatient Healthcare Options

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — For people looking to have an outpatient procedure there are two options, a hospital or an Ambulatory Surgery Center. While there are benefits to both, Ambulatory Surgery Centers are playing more and more of a role in Oregon healthcare.

The day has come for John Murphy to have his knee operated on after injuring it at work.

“I was at work and I stepped wrong and it went out,” Murphy explained.

Murphy is having the scope procedure done at Grants Pass Surgery Center and already noticed a difference after having a previous operation years ago on his hip.

“It’s just more hustle and bustle with the hospital compared to here where it’s more slowed down and relaxed.”

Ambulatory Surgery Centers like the one Murphy visited are a growing option for patients in the state and some of the surgeons who operate in hospitals recommend patients in need of some procedures look into surgery centers.

“We have equivalent results, same, or lower infection rate, we use the same equipment, same personnel,” Dr. Rob Bents explained. “Like I said, a shorter turn over time in between surgeries and at a lower cost in most cases.”

Doctor Rob Bents lead a tour for State Representative Wally Hicks Wednesday.

“We wanted local legislative policy makers to see the role of a surgery center, the role it plays in a community both as a place for service for healthcare and as a business model,” Dr Bent said.

Often times a surgeon will work both with in an Ambulatory Surgery Center and a hospital, and say both play important roles.

“It is important to have both hospitals as well as surgery centers,” Dr. Jay Reeck with the Oregon Ear Nose & Throat Surgery Center said. “Whereas hospitals sometimes need to select patients that have a few more medical issues that would need specialized care or longer stays in the hospital.”

As for Murphy, he says he just wants what’s best for his knee as he begins his road to recovery.

“Honestly I don’t care where I go as long as I get fixed.”