Oregon Online School Sees Increase

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Earlier this school year, the Medford School District announced it would have a record enrollment this year with more than 13,000 students hitting the books at elementary, middle and high schools. Another Oregon school is seeing the highest number of students enrolled in it’s history.

The Oregon Connections Academy currently has 3,300 students statewide in kindergarten through 12 grade; that’s a jump in 500 students since this time last year. One student said it’s been a positive change on the way she learns.

Jomie Mock worries about homework, tests and grades just like every other high school sophomore, but her days of waiting for the bus are over. The former Eagle Point High School student now attends Oregon connections academy, a full-time virtual public charter school.

“I think it’s a better learning for me because I can do it in my own way and at my own pace. Granted, you have to get the school work done by a certain date, but I can do it at my own pace,” said Mock.

On Tuesday, the connections academy hosted a live chat for parents of prospective students to ask questions. Jomi’s mother, Dina, said at first she hesitated on the idea, but has since seen it benefit all three of her children. Dina says that the connections academy has posed no additional expenses.

“This program, connections academy, supplies all of the textbooks,” said Edwards. “Even with my 4th grade student I was lucky enough that they supplied the art things they would need: markers, crayons and paints.”

Jomi said she’s just glad she has found a program that suits her learning style best. There are no fees or tuition to attend because the Oregon Connections Academy is a public school. Officials with the Oregon Connections Academy say it’s not too late to enroll for this school year.