Oregon Minimum Wage To Increase

MEDFORD, Ore. – Around 100,000 Oregon workers will be getting a bump in pay on January 1st, as the state increases the minimum wage again. Beginning next year, minimum wage workers will make $8.95 an hour, that’s a 15 cent increase from this past year, the change will affect an estimated 96,000 employees in Oregon.

The rise comes from a 2002 ballot measure requiring Oregon to increase the minimum wage in line with inflation. Oregon currently has the second highest minimum wage in the country. Last year, minimum wage workers saw a 30-cent increase but the increase can have effect on other workers as well.

The economist with Worksource Oregon in Medford, Guy Tauer, said this type of increase can sometimes have impacts on workers who were making slightly more than minimum wage.

“Some of those folks may be getting a bump, too, because there’s kind of a trickle-up effect when you’re looking at the raising the floor of that lowest wage, so folks that are maybe earning just above that might expect a little bit of a raise as well,”  Tauer explained.

Only Washington has a higher state minimum wage than Oregon. Washington’s rate is currently $9.04 per hour. Oregon’s minimum wage will now be a $1.70 above the federal level, which is $7.25 per hour.