Oregon Minimum Wage to Increase

MEDFORD, Ore. — At the beginning of the new year, all minimum wage employees in Oregon will get a raise. Employers will have to pay staff members at least $8.95 per hour. That’s a 15-cent increase. This means over the course of a year, a full-time minimum wage employee will receive a bonus of about $300.

Workforce Analyst Ainoura Oussenbec says this will be a bonus for the economy. “If you have a little bit more money in your pocket, you can spend more. And as you know, consumer spending is very important to economic growth,” she said.

Statewide, 8.9% of all jobs are under $9.00 per hour. “There are a lot of jobs in retail and hospitality that are entry-level jobs, meaning that they may not require a lot of advanced skills or a whole lot of training, but you need a lot of sales clerks in the field,” Oussenbec said.

Goodwill Industries of Southern Oregon will pay its 47 minimum wage employees the increased amount at the start of the year. It will also increase the wage for employees who have worked there for at least a year to $9.00 per hour. This will cost the retailer an extra $58,000 in payroll.


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