Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Meet

11-17 jbo marijuanaASHLAND, Ore. — The Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference kicked off at the Ashland Springs Hotel, and several guest speakers have been welcomed at the event that is the first of its kind.

Hundreds of visitors are expected during the two-day event. Guest speakers have been on hand informing those in attendance about the upcoming dispensary laws and other ways to cash-in on the big business potential the dispensaries will bring.

Event organizers say it isn’t just about the dispensaries, but also about how other businesses can be impacted.

“We’re teaching people about the new laws in Oregon, but really, I think other businesses, most people will make money from other businesses, that’s what statistics show,” said Alex Rogers, with Ashland Alternative Health.

A similar event will be held in Portland on Saturday after the Ashland conference wraps up.