Oregon Man Among Algeria Hostages Killed

SUMPTER, Ore. — An Oregon man is one of the hostages killed in Algeria. 58-year-old Gordon Lee Rowan lived in the far north-eastern Oregon community of Sumpter in Baker County.

He was the head of the fracking program for the BP natural gas and oil operation that was attacked by about 30 militants last Wednesday. The other two Americans killed in the attack were both from Texas.

Based on official accounts, at least 38 men were either executed or killed in the bloody rescue attempts in Algeria. It was four days of terror, seen in these first videos from inside, recorded by one of the hostages, and broadcast by Algerian state TV on Monday.The rogue Al Qaida leader behind the attack is target number one in a rapidly expanding U.S.-French military operation near his base where the first American transport planes landed Monday.

The U.S. Has said it will not send combat troops, but will support the mission by flying French combat troops and equipment into that region, as well as sharing intelligence information with France, and sending military trainers into neighboring west African countries that are sending in their troops.

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    He was a wonderful person. He was planning on retiring in May, thought about it last fall but said he had some projects he wanted to finish up. He will be much missed by family and friends.

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