Oregon Looks into Liquor Law Reform

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Regulators want state lawmakers to modernize the liquor control system currently in place.

While the current system in place benefits local liquor distillers and distributors, liquor store owners said the current regulations are strangling business, and grocers want to add spirits to their shelves.

On Friday, the commission was given the go-ahead to explore three new paths for liquor regulation reform. One of those paths would allow liquor to be sold at grocers.

The hybrid model would keep the current state liquor system, but allow grocery stores at least 10,000 feet to stock spirits. The current state liquor system would stay in place, and restaurants and bars would buy from liquor stores.

Another approach involves privatization of liquor sales.  This would involve scrapping the current system and allowing private market distributors to sell liquor to anyone with a license.

Lastly, small tweaks to the current laws would be made, which would improve compensation for liquor stores and boost web presence and online sales. Currently, liquor store owners only receive an 8.8 percent cut of liquor sales.

“So at some point and time no matter how much more liquor they sell they can’t make any more money,” said OLCC Chairman, Rob Patridge.”We have to change that system around… incentivize them so we can continue to optimize revenue, and they can continue to invest and put those liquor stores in the locations customers need them.”

Patridge said the hybrid model of allowing liquor sales in grocery stores would work best.  He said this would increase revenue and make liquor more convenient.


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  1. Citizen A says:

    Maybe grocery stores could just sell “spirits” and forego selling food…after all, drinking cures everything!

    1. Bob says:

      your stupid and ignorant!

  2. Susan Scroggins says:

    BAD IDEA. Look how it worked out in Washington state. Grocers report increase of shoplifting after bottles hit the shelves, teen drinking is up because they can just to steal it out of the grocery store, and the grocers jacked the prices way up so the Washington residents now drive over the border to Oregon to buy their alcohol cheaper. Oregon made profit from Washington’s law. I suppose most people will just go to California liquor stores to buy once the grocers here jack up the prices if it passes.

  3. Annie says:

    Kinda makes me wonder just who is really behind all this drug & alcohol pushing. I have nothing against a person having a drink if that is what they want to do but drinking of all kinds of alcohol is totally out of control & of course ‘they’ are pushing drugs as hard as they can.
    It makes a person wonder why.
    What happened to learning how to control one’s emotions instead of drowning or smoking them away. The problems just come back unless one learns.
    So, who is doing all the pushing? & why? & what is the final goal after our country is drunk & drugged?No wonder they don’t want us to have guns!!
    As far as I am concerned, we keep our guns. It looks like we are really gonna need them when everyone around us are under the influence of some substance .It is already well along that direction.
    Maybe if they have to drive to CA to get their alcohol (drug) they will be too drunk to come back! There’s a happy thought!

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