Oregon Legislative Session Begins

SALEM, Ore. — Day One of the 77th legislative session is now in the books. As Governor Kitzhaber explained, it came with new challenges and a long to-do list.

“I am prepared to stand with you in making the difficult choices that will be necessary to do so, which include: reducing the cost of health care and corrections; reducing the cost drivers that are diverting resources from the classroom; and undertaking serious review of Oregon’ tax expenditures,” the Governor said.

Kitzhaber says he plans to solve these problems through focusing on his Oregon business plan’s three pillars: creating jobs, raising income levels, and reducing poverty. In his state of the state address, he also urged bi-partisan work. Feburary 4th, the House and Senate start their committee hearings, so we should begin to have a good idea if lawmakers are living up to the governors call.

30 senators and 60 representatives took the oath of office to serve in the Oregon state legislature on Monday. Democrats now have a solid majority in the House, after two years being tied with Republicans. Democrats also retain control of the state senate.