Oregon Lawmakers Weigh In Fiscal Cliff

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Oregon lawmakers are weighing in on the latest plans to address the fiscal cliff. Senator Jeff Merkley released a statement after the Senate passed its deal.

He said in part, “My measuring stick for this fiscal cliff deal, like every bill I consider, is how it will impact working families throughout Oregon and while I have deep misgivings about the next steps, I have concluded that this deal is worth supporting.”

He went on to say that the deal carries the risk of future cliffs, including the debt ceiling.

Senator Ron Wyden also weighing on on Tuesday”s developments. In a statement, he said that while he agreed with the results, “the manner in which this was produced felt more like Thelma and Louise than rational policy making”.

Senator Wyden said he wants to look for bipartisan solutions for budget, tax and medicare reform.