Oregon Lawmaker Discusses Gun Laws

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Oregon State Representative Dennis Richardson spoke to CNN on Monday morning, proposing school faculty members carry guns.

Representative Richardson said in the interview that it is not realistic to have a police officer on every campus and that having school faculty armed may be the next best option.

“People who are trained and will get continuing training in the use of fire arms, have them be armed, on campus and when the first shot is fired, they respond appropriately,” Richardson explained.

Representative Richardson says in many cases the only armed person during a school shooting is the gunman and that needs to change.

For a link to a survey put out by Rep. Richardson’s office, click here.


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  1. Mike Brasher says:

    It’s about time a politician used actual common sense instead of knee-jerk wailing & teeth knashing!

  2. Milt says:

    I don’t think arming the math teacher with a AK47 is the answer people. What happens when some kid gets pissed off cuz teacher makes him write 500 time on the blackboard I WILL NOT SHOOT MY TEACHER and there just happens to be a gun in the room.
    The problem lies with all of us we have let this happen to our world we call home we always react after something happens how many more have to die before we make a change. We know that WORDS don’t change things so why do we keep letting our? elected officials blow smoke up our ass WE THE PEOPLE need to take back OUR country. I never ever remember when i was a kid of hearing about anything like this happening, cuz ya know why because our Mom and Dads were allowed to BUST OUR ASS right in front of God and everyone.Don’t blame guns do you really think the bad guys and girls are going to obey gun laws OMG get freakin real.I don’t pretent to know the answer but damnit we better hurry up and figure it out .

    1. LD says:

      It would be no different than a police officer visiting a classroom with a weapon
      straped on his side!! And a back-up weapon straped to his ankle, that nobody sees!!

  3. woody1 says:

    I agree.

  4. Ken says:

    Really more gun laws that criminals won’t abide by anyway. How has that worked in Chicago. Maybe NY or DC?
    That is what you get when you elect a moron for a president. Keep doing the same thing expecting different results. Dennis has it right! Don’t let the facts get in the way liberals. From what i have seen ABC is stretching the the facts instead of doing the hard work like including people taking their own lives in the statistics.

    What happened when Australia banned guns? Crime went up as the bad guys know the good guys can’t defend themselves.

    Look at the facts instead of the emotions.

  5. Larry says:

    It’s about time a politician comes up with a common sense approach to a problem!!
    You never hear about the 200,000 kids that get abducted each year; or how many make it
    home! How about the number of kids killed in traffic accidents each year!! (lets ban
    vehicles) that makes as much sense as gun control!! You have to attach the problem head-on!! 2-3 teachers trained with concealed weapons permits and a weapon would be no more of a problem than a teacher/coach! How many schools have them!! OMG it’s nausiating to
    think how much time and money and how many ‘News” stories we’ll have to listen to and nothing is accomplished!!
    G O R E P R E S E N T A T I V E R I C H A R D S E N

  6. Dixie says:

    For every bad guy with a gun we need more good guys with guns. The kids don’t have to know who has a gun. If that principal in Ct. had rushed the bad guy with a gun the outcome would have been very different. Most people in this country with guns ARE good guys. Lets just think about a solution this logical.

  7. Tammy says:

    Not only the Teachers, the Theater worker at least 1 per shift, Department store workers, etc… We should make sure that our workers/employees (qualified) are trained to protect. Employees could be Qualified protectors of the places they work. In the same way companies would pay to have certain employees CPR and First Aid trained… On a Much Grander scale they could offer paying for Armed Defense classes for the Qualified. These weapons carried by the protector Should be concealed not revealed to the Student or customer.

    That teacher that headed toward the gunman, with the attitude “she wanted to stop him”… having proper training and armed appropriately.. Could have and Would have put an end to this when she headed his way. Can you imagine wanting to STOP that gunman from Killing those kids and having NO way to do that but Talk to him??

    People in this Country should be proud that so many of our homes are armed responsibly and ready to protect. We can do the same in our work places. Creating a safe / protected

    1. Larry says:

      We could utilize our returning/unemployed vets!! They defended our country; surely they could defend a school!!!

      1. Ken says:

        Heck yea. Military, Janitors, Teachers, retired police and firefighters. There are lots of possibilities. None the likes of the Democrats will look at because it has nothing to do with keeping people safe. It has to do with getting guns out of law abiding citizens hands. It has to do with power. I have heard a number of Democrats say AR’s are not used for hunting.
        Well guess what the second amendment was never written for hunters. It was written to keep a tyrannical government in check. That is how stupid some of these Democrat representatives are. Remember the moron that said Guam would tip over if we sent more troops? That is what we are dealing with. Medford’s chief of police is a gun grabber, as is Allen Bates. If it was about public safety they would look at the Swiss model and others and hold public gun safety courses for all ages free of charge with parental consent. As for most things education and training are the answer, But they don’t believe guns should be in the hands of citizens only government employees.
        Maybe the first thing we should demand is that the guys protecting Obama’s kids loose their guns or do our kids not deserve the same protections as his do?

  8. LD says:

    Everybody take Dennis Richardsons’ survey so he’ll know he has our support!!
    Anybody that knows how to get the word out across the country please do it!! Taking the survey was a task for me!! Thanks

  9. J.R. says:

    I think arming trained teachers is a great Idea. Law enforment can not be every where when they are needed. I know first hand how being armed can stop a armed person from doing you harm.

  10. Mary Davalos says:

    An important issue has not been discussed, the lack of funds for mental health programs.
    With budget cuts at all levels, most mental health services have been eliminated. These programs were at schools where students could be identified and could receive help. Most schools do not have counselors. Mental health services could identify people with personalities similar to someone like the 20 year old who went on a rampage. We need more funds for mental health and education.

    1. Mary Davalos says:

      Regarding my email about mental health. PLEASE omit my last name.

  11. Kristina says:

    I agree! The teacher at Sandy Hook at time to hide her kids then tell the gunman her class was in the gym, then she shot her. If she had a gun she could have shot him instead of saying her kids were in the gym. She could have saved the next classroom. It sad but that’s the world we live in and we have to protect our kids. What better place for a gunman to get big news headlines then a unarmed elementary school.

  12. Michelle says:

    All this talk about gun laws that are just fine in Oregon.

    I think if people want schools safe then put some veterans to work and arm them to patrol our schools.

    Makes sense to me – they are trained already and you won’t have inexperienced teachers running around with guns.

    Many vets need jobs and I think this alternative should be considered.

  13. Dean says:

    Lawmakers that are wasting our time and tax dollars trying to ban certain weapons are to blame for these shootings. Do they have any idea how many assault weapons are already out there? You will never stop guns in the USA. How would limiting new guns to 10 round magazines have stopped this latest shooting? If you carry 3 or 4 magazines you are just as deadly as a 30 round magazine against people who are unarmed. That’s the key people, ARM YOURSELF. If teachers or select staff are armed, they will likely never have to fire a shot. Why would a shooter even try? More kids have died from preventable accidents and abuse since the shooting. If you want to save lives , start looking elsewhere. By the way, there are still no seat belts on school buses.

  14. Bob Rogers says:

    The Sandy Hook tragedy was that … but people need to step back, take a breath and get real.
    Senator Richardson’s idea is the first logical sensible solution.
    First, … The AR-15 is NOT an Assault Rifle, it is a Civilian look-alike copy of the military’s M-16 Combat Rifle. Assault rifles have what is called “ select fire control “ which means it is capable of firing at different rates of fire, with a single pull of the trigger
    The AR-15 can only fire a single shot with each pull of the trigger, just like a semiautomatic pistol or a revolver.
    There are a number of firearms on the market that are look-alike copies, nothing more. Just because it looks like an Assault rifle does NOT make it an Assault rifle.
    Second, …The AR-15 was not the weapon used to kill anyone. The deranged boy used the two handguns he stole, to do all that heinous killing. The AR-15 remained in the vehicle he used to drive to the school.
    It was his mother’s fault for what happened. First, she taught him how to use those firearms. He was a mentally disturbed, unstable child who should never have been allowed to handle ANY firearms, not ever. Second, those weapons should have been locked up when not in use. His mother provided the access to those firearms, not the gun dealers and not the manufactures. She was the only responsible party for that.
    As for protecting people in our schools, Senator Richardson has the right answer, the best answer and the current logical answer. It is good to hear from a grounded politician instead of the knee-jerking, over-reacting, liberal anti-gun nut politician, who wants disarmed slaves.
    More gun control is only going to make it that much easier for a criminal or unstable person to kill unarmed people.
    It is a simple fact; those states and communities that have Concealed Carry and or made it a requirement for its citizens to arm themselves, have no incidents like Sandy Hook and the other shooting incidents. Bad people do not commit shooting crimes in places where they do not know who, or how many people are able to shoot back. It is a simple fact, if more people are armed, fewer people will be killed.
    The news media has caused all the trouble and fear mongering related to firearms. Add to that all of the lies told by the anti-gun groups and you come up with the over reacting knee jerking and screaming for more gun control.
    The anti-gun politicians and the anti-gun groups will never tell you the truth.
    The national news media continues to tell lies, untruths about the weapons used at Sandy Hook. Lies told long enough become truths.
    If you want to make schools safer, more secure, than train teachers how to react and to defend students. Also, use our Veterans because they have the best training in the world. We have plenty of Veterans who would gladly volunteer their time and expertise at protecting school campuses. It will not cost you much except maybe a free lunch and coffee.
    Let’s don’t become a community of stupid sheep ready for a slaughter !
    If you anti-gun people would put the same amount of energy into investigating the person pretending to be our president, than we would have a legitimate person in the white house instead of a foreigner. Yes, Barrack Hussein Obama is a foreigner, not a natural born US Citizen. When he went to college here in the US, he applied for and received Student Aid as a Foreign Student. Either way, he is guilty of committing a Federal Crime. He has also denied our Military Personnel the right to vote by preventing them from using Absentee Ballots.
    Put your misguided energy into giving our Military personnel that right to exercise their right to vote !
    You’ve made certain they will protect you now protect their voting rights !
    Bob Rogers

  15. ReHeHeally says:

    Buckley makes the point that I hoped someone would make. Stop projecting fear about future events onto our children’s learning experiences in the present timeline. The bottom line is mental health issues and how easy high power assault rifles are to acquire. Anyone that is down and out with no one to talk to may not even realize they have access to some sort of mental health care, even if it is a crumb at this time. In the long haul, elaborating on a better mental healthcare system in order to catch the signs before someone does something like the Sandy Hook shooting, the Aurora, CO theater shooting and the Clackamas Center shooting will save lives. And tragedies like these will begin to dwindle in number as we communicate more with our families, friends, healthcare professionals and even with our local law enforcement. Read between the lines of the 2nd Amendment people, our right to bear arms is mentally conditional. If you value Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness than I am sure that you can value the people and our public servants governing together. We are not oppressed by the United States government as long as we keep speaking up to our City Councils, Representatives, Senators and Governors. Please stop drinking that nasty Kool-Aid that the kids call Media, think for yourself and love one another.

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