Oregon Hunters to Face Fines

SALEM, Ore. — Thousands of Oregon hunters are facing fines because they did not report their hunting catches.

This is a mandatory program put in place by the Oregon legislature, and anyone who failed to report to their season by last Thursday will face a $25 fine.

Oregon Wildlife officials say only 86% of elk hunters and 84% of deer hunters filled out their forms, but officials say this is much better than last year’s numbers before fines were put in place.


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  1. Michael Beers says:

    The fine should be no tag for a year!

  2. jim says:

    Yep. The local governments will extort money from citizens any way they can. Especially the Contractors Board and Wildlife Officials. If the government ever crashes guess who the first to go are. Cops, judges and anyone else who has made life hard for regular people just trying to get by and not hurting anyone.

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