Oregon Election Results

Oregon Republicans are reacting to a night of local wins and some national losses. Several state representatives will retain their seats after running unopposed, and there are new republican faces in other Oregon positions.

Congressman Greg Walden jumped out to a big lead over Democrat Joyce Segers. He will continue to serve as Oregon’s representative in the house.

Locally, Doug Breidenthal had a slim victory over Jeff Scroggin in the race for Jackson County Comissioner.

Meanwhile, State Representatives Sal Esquivel and Dennis Richardson retained their seats.

In the race for 5th District State Representative between incumbent Democrat Peter Buckley and Republic Sandra Abercrombie, Buckley retained his seat with a big victory, getting 65% of the vote.

Whether it’s on a national level or state level, the Republican winners NewsWatch12 spoke with said budgets and the economy are their big priority. Sal Esquivel said a big priority is creating a rainy day fund in Oregon. Dennis Richardson said he wants Oregon legislators to work to balance the budget and reduce spending.

The race between the current mayor of Ashland and a former city mayor is can be called. It appears John Stromberg will remain mayor of Ashland for another four years.

Secretary of State: Kate Brown (D) is leading the race, beating Knute Buehler (R) so far with 51% vs 44% and Ted Wheeler is ahead in the numbers, with 58%, to 37% for Thomas Cox. Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum is ahead in the results so far, with 55%.

Measure 80 or also known as the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act, would allow marijuana for recreational use without a license. Preliminary results in Oregon show 45% of voters are in favor and 55% are in opposition.

After supporters suspended their Measures 82 and 83 campaigns for a lack of support, and the opponents kept their campaigns active against those two measures that would create privately owned casino’s, it looks as if there won’t be privately owned casinos in Oregon.

Measure 82, to give privately owned casinos in the state the go-ahead, is getting only 28% and Measure 83, the measure to establish the first private casino in Oregon, the Wood Village, is also not doing well in the polls so far, with only 29% support.

At this point, more voters are saying yes to Measure 79. Reports say 59% are in favor and 41% are not. This means the Oregon constitution could change regarding real estate transfer taxes. The existing constitution protected this transfer taxing from happening in cities, counties, and districts, but thanks to voters, now state and local governments will be prohibited from imposing taxes, fees, assessments on transfer of any interest in real property except those operative December 31, 2009.

Voters are saying “no” to a measure that would phase out estate and inheritance taxes. 54% of voters are against Measure 84, to the 46% in favor of it.

Measure 85 is passing that would allocate corporate income tax “kicker” refunds to fund K -12 public schools. Right now, it’s at 59% Yes, 41% No.

An effort to build new pools and aquatic facilities in Medford is failing, with 56% of voters saying no. It was an effort to construct new pools at Hawthorne Park and Jackson Park, totaling up to $14.5 million.

Voters in Shady Cove are once again saying “No” to funding a water system. As of now, results show that 66% of voters do not want the city to issue bonds worth $23 million for the municipal water system.

Voters in south Jackson County are not giving a funding boost to fire protection efforts. Fire District 5 had asked for up to $1.8 million for the purchase of fire trucks and equipment for the Phoenix, Talent, and Ashland stations; 52% of voters say No.

57% of Josephine County voters say Grants Pass Police should explore the possibility of combining with the sheriff to provide more comprehensive police presence in the county.

Most voters don’t think the current level of criminal justice system meets needs of community. Most voters don’t think county commissioners should explore the option of a sales tax as a way to increase revenue for the county. Also, 72% of voters believe timber harvest would be an appropriate funding source.

Nearly 77% of White City residents have decided not to become Jackson County’s newest city.


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