Oregon Election Results: State Measures

SALEM, ORe. — Here’s a look at the unofficial results for some of the biggest measures on the ballot this year in Oregon.

Measure 77, which gives the Governor the ability to redirect general funds in the case of a major disaster , is passing with 58% of the vote. Measure 79 is also passing at 59%, which will ban state and local governments from creating taxes on the transfer of real estate.

Oregon has voted to not pass marijuana legalization, Measure 80, at 46% of the vote. Measure 85, which would allocate the corporate tax kicker to public education, is passing at 59%.

Measure 82, to give privately owned casinos in the state the go-ahead, is getting only 28% support. Measure 83, the measure to establish the first private casino in Oregon, the Wood Village, is also not doing well in the polls, with only 29%.


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  1. John says:

    Elections have finished. It’s time to take down and clean up campaign signs throughout Oregon. Please remind Art Robinson to remove ALL his campaign signs, especially along I-5 hwy.

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