Oregon Dog Comforts Landslide Victims

4-5-CRISIS-RESPONSE-DOGALBANY, Ore. — It’s been two weeks since a landslide wiped out the town of Oso, Washington, and crisis response teams expect they’ll be helping people get through this tragedy for weeks to come.

Tracy Calhoun and her 3-year-old Golden Retriever JJ are getting back into their normal routine, after spending a few days helping comfort those impacted by the landslide in Oso, Washington.

JJ is best known for giving hugs to those going through a tough time and used these hugs to comfort first responders in Oso. She also visited with volunteers staffing the 911 call center.

Calhoun said she could notice many people instantly calmed down and de-stressed just by petting JJ.

“People would come over just to spend some time. They all knew that she was there to provide them comfort and they would just come over when they needed a break . I actually had a FEMA worker stop her phone call, come over I need some dog time. I need some dog time,” said Calhoun.

This is the first time JJ’s ever been deployed to a major disaster, and they’ll both be going back to Oso next week.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Congratulations, JJ and Tracy!! You’re a special team and I for one am happy to see something good come out of this with JJ’s work. Animals are incredible healers and teachers. We need to honor them for the amazingly selfless beings they are.

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