Oregon Department of Education Report on Special Education

By Sharon Ko

MEDFORD, Ore. — Several Southern Oregon school districts are surpassing state standards when it comes to special eduation.

Every year, school districts across Oregon are required to submit information to the state about the schools’ special edicuation programs. The Oregon Department of Education then compares that data to state standards. The report is made up of several categories from graduation and dropout rates to performance on statewide tests. A couple of local school districts did well in the post-secondary outcomes category.

The category is where students who graduate from high school get a job or continue their education. The state target for that is 67%. Medford went above that target at nearly 71%. Eagle Point School District also did well at 71.4%. Central Point fell below the target with 51.6%. Phoenix-talent at 60% and Ashland at 58.3%.

Medford School District says the annual reports helps the district shape programs within its schools.

“Because not only does it communicate to our patrons as far as where the district is in comparison to where the state would like us to be, we internally use it for program planning and for goal setting,” says Tania Tong, Medford School District Special Educations Supervisor.

School officials also say these reports impact funding. If a school district hasn’t improved in over two years, the state could limit financial support. For more information on the different categories and how all school districts in Oregon did, click here.