Oregon Counties Discuss Logging Plan

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — A plan is in the works to possibly pour several million dollars back into struggling Oregon counties.

That plan is to possibility open up federal lands for logging. County commissioners across Oregon and the Bureau of Land Management are meeting every month to discuss it.

Josephine County comissioner, Simon Hare, says logging just half of O&C lands could generate about $110 million a year. But there’s a catch.

It could take 3 or more years to plan it before any counties see those dollars. Commissioner Hare says working from a proposal pitched several years ago called the “Western Oregon Division Plan” could move this plan faster.

“There’s a lot of people that are optimistic about it this time. And getting it done sooner rather than the 3 years and so hopefully we can learn from this planning process of the past and get through it really quickly,” says Hare.

Commissioners also anticipate some back-lash from environmentalists. Another meeting with BLM officials is scheduled in August.