Oregon Could See Liquor Sales Expansion

liquorSALEM, Ore. — Oregon is taking a step toward making beer, wine and liquor more accessible. The state’s liquor control board has approved the sale of beer and wine at liquor stores.

The approval was just granted Thursday night, so the OLCC, grocery stores and liquor stores are still trying to figure out what is means for consumers. The two changes are meant to relax state liquor laws.

Coming up Tonight at 5: how soon you could only have to visit one store – instead of two – to buy alcoholic beverages.


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  1. Bill says:

    One of the problems with the liquor sales in Oregon are the high prices. Example, I can drive 35 miles to a California liquor store and pay $30.00 for a bottle of Crown Royal where as it will cost me $58.00 here in Oregon. May as well stock up when you go to the State line.

  2. Chris Ponton says:

    What most people do not realize is Oregon will never have California pricing. Alcohol prices are set via supply and demand, California has 39 million residents and thus they get a huge discount on case sales because of the high volume they sell. Oregon has 3 1/2 million residents and we as a state do not get the discount. I work in the liquor industry and this will turn liquor stores into convienence store and that is a shame. We work hard to keep alcohol out of the hands of minors and intoxicated people, this will create more problems than they see. Having more places that sell alcohol does not equal more revenue, it will cut into the profits of places that already depend on the revenue they make now. Nearly all liquor stores are located near a grocery store, yes it can be a pain to have to go to two places to get your drinking supplies, but this will cause more minors easier access to alcohol and the transient population will also have easier access. The system isnt broken so why fix it? the state of Oregon is raking in record profits. More of something isn’t always a good thing when public saftey could be compromised.

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