Oregon Coast Aquarium Visits School

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Since a field trip to the coast isn’t a possibility for some Rogue Valley students, the coast is coming to them.

It’s part of the Oregon Coast Aquarium’s education program. The outreach team stopped by Hoover Elementary School on Wednesday morning to give third to sixth graders an idea of what they can find on the coast.

The students learned about marine mammals and the difference between a seal and sea lion. The aquarium says it gives students a different view of science.

“We’re exposing them to something new and different, especially for kids on the east side, a lot of them haven’t been to the coast, we’re just finding a different way to get them interested in science,” said Jenni Remillard of the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

The outreach team from Newport is in the middle of its 7-week tour of Oregon schools.