Oregon Bill Could Require Immunizations

The Oregon Legislature is crafting a bill that would force parents to get their children’s immunizations. Although it is state law, a large number of parents disregard the shots for both philosophical and religious reasons.

The bill would keep children out of school if they do not meet state requirements. It would also require parents to take an online course about the safety of vaccines before being able to opt out.


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  1. Gloria Wilson RN says:

    I would like to suggest that children are required to get way too many vaccines and way too young. It is known that aluminum is in all vaccines and fermaldahyde is in all dead vaccines. There are many side effects from vaccinations, so each vaccination should be considered individually as to the risks versus the vaccine. Living a healthy lifestyle is best, but most don’t do that, so vaccines have their place, but there should be a limit. As far as flu vaccines, most people I work with who got the flu (and that’s most of the staff), had the vaccination. i did not, and I have not gotten the flu even though it spread among staff.

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