Oregon Among Top States For Clean Energy

MEDFORD, Ore. — Oregon is one of the top states in the country for creating clean-energy jobs, and a new Rogue Valley program may have played a big part in that.

Last year, the Rogue Valley Council of Governments came up with a plan that would help companies find work, and help customers save money. The RVCOG teamed with RHT Energy Solutions to find local solar panel companies, then held workshops with the community to find people interested in installing solar power.

The partnership, called Rogue Solar, gave participating companies first crack at these customers, and offered the solar work at a lower price. That resulted in 36 installations on homes and businesses, and companies say it gave them more work than they would normally get. That coincides with a new report by Environmental Entrepreneurs, which said Oregon is one of the top ten states in the country for new green jobs in 2012.

Now the groups are moving to the second phase of the project, they’re looking to apply for federal grants to entice more companies to join, and pass the savings on to more customers.