Oracle Sued by Oregon Attorney General


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SALEM, Ore. — The state says the cost of oracle’s lies and appalling work is extraordinary.

Both the state and Cover Oregon reportedly paid Oracle more than 240-million dollars for a health insurance exchange website that never worked as promised, but the suit also includes Oracles work for DHS and OHA projects, which are called ‘shoddy and incomplete.’

Oracle signed on to help the department of human services with a modernization project to improve the delivery of social services like Medicaid and SNAP. Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum says this legal action is intended to make the state whole, and make sure taxpayers aren’t left holding the bag.

But local agents say it’s not going to make up for all the trouble it caused in the past. Gina Landers, a Cover Oregon Agent, says, “I mean I was literally calling them every single day for months just to check on you know and some of my clients were sitting out there you know two three months without coverage because we couldn’t get their application processed.” The enrollment is not open right now. The next period begins in November when the state switches to the federal exchange. Right now local agents are training on that system.

Oracle filed its own lawsuit August 8 for breach of contract over $23 million in disputed bills. Oracle blames Oregon for the website’s failure, saying the state had incompetent and indecisive staff. As far as the total amount, more than 5.6 billion is what the state is asking for. The court will review every section of the damages and penalties to ultimately decide if the amounts are appropriate.