OR-7 Wolf Pups Caught on Camera

OR-7 Pups caught on camera, Courtesy ODFW

OR-7 Pups caught on camera, Courtesy US Fish and Wildlife Service

JACKSON COUNTY, Ore. — The famous wolf known as OR-7 has puppies, and they are growing. New photos, released by wildlife officials this week, show OR-7 and his puppies. ODFW can confirm the existence of two cubs, and possibly a third cub. They say there might be more.

The cameras took the photos July 12th, but weren’t check until July 17th. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service checks the cameras every one to two weeks at sites. Officials have 2-4 cameras that pick up movement, and are placed at checked spots throughout Jackson County to monitor wildlife. ODFW and USFWS is not releasing the location of the photos for public and wildlife safety.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says they are able to track the location of the cubs with a GPS tracking collar on the male wolf OR-7. He’s been tracked for the past 3 years.

“The wolves are still in Jackson County and we’ll see. They’re mobile. They’ve gone all over before. We’ll see where they go. Who knows where they will be next month,” said ODFW District Wildlife Biologist Mark Vargas.

Our Facebook post about OR-7 got a lot of attention. One criticism some people hold against wolves is that they don’t always kill prey to survive, but for the so-called “thrill”. Vargas says predators like wolves do, in fact, kill to survive, and that the hardest part for a predator eating a prey species is catching that prey and consuming all of it.

“At times there might be more prey items killed than can be consumed, but the ultimate goal is to eat their prey,” Vargas wrote in an e-mail responding to our inquiry. “Sometimes more prey may die than can be consumed in a few days and other scavengers might clean up the remainder.”

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  1. Los Lobos says:

    >>One criticism some people hold against wolves is that they don’t always kill prey to survive, but for the so-called “thrill”.<<

    Ridiculous and ignorant statement attempting to anthropomorphize‎ behavior of these crucial predators. The health of our forests depends upon large and active wolf packs and other predators, and an attempt to discredit them in such an unseemly manner is the worst of '"humanity." Nothing is ever wasted in Nature, unlike the parasitic human hordes now inhabiting and destroying this planet.

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