Operation C.A.R.E. Hits Neighborhood

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford police and city officials hit the street Tuesday night for Operation C.A.R.E. and knocked on more than 200 doors in the process.

Police officers, fire officials and other city representatives canvassed homes in the Olympic and Morrison Avenue area hoping to reach out to residents. One door knocked on belonged to Judy Brown, a Medford resident who knows the area well.

“13 years in the same place. It’s a good place to live on this side of town,” said Brown.

She said the teams were friendly and just wanting to check in and see how things were going.

“How’s it going here, how are the people who live around  here, how are the streets taken care of and are the  sidewalks good, streets good, everything good,” said Brown.

Medford police chose the neighborhood because it was not one they had pursued in the previous eight operations and it gives residents a chance to voice any concerns.

“People may have some issues going on up here that we may want to talk to them about, but we want to make sure  they are happy with the city and there’s nothing more that we could be doing,” said Medford Police Lt. Mike Budreau.

Teams of three collected surveys which had previously been mailed out. Most teams included a bilingual speaker to help communicate with some residents.

“One thing we know is that there are plenty of Spanish speaking folks in the community and we want to make sure we’re not going to have that language barrier,” said Lt. Budreau.

City officials are hoping for about a 60% return rate on the surveys, and said although it takes time to coordinate the operation, both the city and residents benefit from the communication.

“It’s a tedious process to go door to door with multiple city officials to fill out the survey, but each time we do it, we learn more and more about not only the city, but the residents,” said Lt. Budreau.

Operation care is held two to three times a year and there’s already plans for a 10th one in the near future.

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  1. Susan Scroggins says:

    It is good to see the police reaching out to the public like this. I hope this turns out well for all involved.

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