Opening Night For Ashland Ice Rink

ASHLAND, Ore. – It’s been months in the making, but Friday night is opening night of the Ashland Ice Rink. It’s the only outdoor ice skating rink in the Rogue Valley and even though it’s not too cold out and a little wet, the rink is still opening.

There’s a cooling system below the ice to keep the under layers cold, but if it rains too much the top layer could melt and become slushy. In that case, rink officials would ask people to leave for safety reasons. They started working on this project months ago.

Skaters can hit the rink at 6 p.m. for the first time this weekend. Ashland Parks and Rec officials say this is a big deal to the community; they anticipate a big turnout this season. The rink offers skates for people who don’t have their own and there are concessions and managers on hand to help out anyone on the ice.

The rink’s season runs until February. Parks and rec officials expect one of the biggest nights to be the day after Thanksgiving.