Open Carry Ordinance Scrapped in Ashland

3-18 jbo gunsASHLAND, Ore. — A plan to restrict open carry of loaded guns in Ashland was thrown out Tuesday night by the Ashland City Council. Councilors have been discussing the ordinance, but at Tuesday night’s meeting decided that it was an “unenforceable law” and therefore scrapped it entirely.

It was voted 5 to 1 to trash the ordinance. Now, it will no longer be apart of the council’s agenda. If someone wishes to bring it up again, they will have to introduce it as a new item and the process will have to start all over again.


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  1. Curran says:

    This was the correct decision by the city council. However, it should have been scrapped for more reasons than just being “unenforceable.” There is simply no data showing open carry to ever be a problem in Ashland. The measure was nothing but an attack on gun rights based entirely on emotion & fear while trying to capitalize on recent news events. It was even noted in the council’s meeting minutes and by the measure’s supporters (in news reports) that the measure would NOT have have any measurable effect and would was mostly “symbolic” (their own words). That is terrible policy-making, no matter what side of the fence you are on.

    Regardless of how someone feels about guns, these measures must be decided upon using FACTS, not feelings. Laws exist to solve problems, not to make political statements.

  2. Baldr Odinson says:

    Disgusting. Of course it’s enforceable. They just don’t want to deal with the belligerent gun guys who have been harassing everyone lately to try to kill the ordinance. Apparently, the council would rather have the Wild West than enforce the safety of their residents.

    I, for one, will no longer be visiting Ashland, including for the Shakespeare festival.

    1. Curran says:

      Ah there it is, the obligatory comparison to the Wild West. Do you realize open carry is already legal, and has been for years? I have to ask. Or are you saying a town with historically almost zero open carry incidents is similar to the Wild West? We are still talking about Ashland, Oregon, right? What you are calling for is a ban in order to make yourself feel better. But that is bad policy-making, especially when there’s no data to support your claim that the residents of Ashland are unsafe due to open carry.

      I’m sure Ashland will not miss you. Please feel free to continue on to California.

      1. Ned says:

        Wow. Wild West, eh? FYI, the ‘Wild West” was much safer than, say, Chicago, which has a ban on mostly anyone – except bad guys – carrying guns and shooting folks.

        Please consider moving to one of those cities which, according to hoplophobe “gun nuts,” are the safest in the nation. You know, Washington, D.C., Oakland, CA, Los Angeles, CA , or any other city, or city-state, which has effectively banned the good guys from carrying guns.

        I bet after a week in thoise places, you’d wish for the days when your neighbor was just an NRA member – not a drug-addled gang-banger.

        Please don’t visit, or drive through, Arizona. You might just soil your widdle britches. Who knows? In some of those “paragons of civility” cities and states that ban citizens from carrying, you could be fined for that. Carbon credits and pollution, you know. With your little problem, you may wish to consider buying carbon credits in advance before you travel. For your own safety, you know.

    2. Blake says:

      That is a ludicrous position to take! So, by claiming you’ll never attend the festival again, one assumes you’ve been before. Were you shot or otherwise intimidated by anyone lawfully exercising their constitutionally protected rights during your previous visits? No? Egads! So, that means that because the city council didn’t change anything at all, when the next festival occurs, you would be visiting exactly the same way you had before!

      You take umbrage over this? You would deprive the people and vendors of the town your dollars because the city council opted to refuse to trample on American freedoms? Sounds good to me.

      I’m betting you must be from California or another state, because let me break some news to you. Open carry is legal (adherent to all relevant laws and stipulations of safety) everywhere in Oregon except for a few sad bastions where misguided leaders have made honest folk express their constitutional freedoms from the shadows.

    3. Dave says:

      Now that the fuss is over, there will be less open carry in Ashland. I never thought of trying it until this issue came up! Next time I’m in Ashland, my firearm will be concealed which is my personal preference.

    4. Ashlander says:

      Good. We’ll be better off without your negative attitude. One fewer jerk with a sense of entitlement, one more open seat at the festival!

    5. Rustytruck says:

      What is really disgusting is you feel like your opinions are worth more than everybody else’s. Typical liberal stance, ” I don’t like it so I need to make everybody stop it and make me happy and I don’t care if you are happy or not.” Does that sound like the way you want life to be here? It’s not going to happen tho, and we won’t miss you at the Shakespeare festival or elsewhere in Oregon for that matter. Actually, I’m sitting here grinning about the above mentioned departure with you excersizing that right . Have a safe trip,,, soon.

    6. JR Radcliffe says:

      What must you think of the common citizen. You must think that the vast majority of people are untrustworthy, dangerous, and somehow not worthy of their rights and responsibility. If guns and people are to be feared, how does anyone make it home alive from gun ranges, or gun shows, or gun shops? If you can put aside your ignorance and fear and went to any one of those horrific events or activities. You would see/meet some of the most well mannered, generous, and patriotic people that America has to offer.

      So, if you never visit Ashland and it’s Shakespeare festival again. I don’t think anyone will miss any fearful, ignorant people, that are disgusted by freedom and choices.

      Have a great day,

    7. m. owens says:

      move back to California, your in the wrong state

  3. James Barnes says:

    Congratulations Ashland, finally some common sense being shown.

    1. farmdave says:

      Common sense and constitutional awareness prevailed against the fear mongers.

    2. Steven manson says:

      LOL where? So now I have to be a criminal just to protect myself from the criminals? What kind of common sense is that? All these idiotic choices do is limit the law abiding citizen. Chicago has proven that. So has Washington DC and Australia. Not to mention Hitler LOVED Gun Control. I can walk around naked as a Jaybird in Ashland if I chose to but I cant open carry a gun? Wow…..enjoy your crime there. I’ll stay up here in Central Oregon and keep myself protected from the Criminals with my rifle.

  4. Eldon & Karen coats says:

    I have been visiting Ashland for 29 of the 30 years I have lived in OR, and never had or heard of any problems with folks carrying open in and around the city, Being ex military I have had extensive training in small arms , And have had my Conceal carry Permit for all 30 of those years. very happy to hear they used common sense this time around , as I emailed the mayor a few months ago stating that in the event they voted this do Nothing ordenance into city law We would no longer visit or lay foot anywhere near the Business of Ashland. We were part of Open carry Ashland and enjoyed our day dressed in our official cowboy / cawgirl attire complete with Loaded six shooters and stetsons , Glad to report that No one fainted , was shot or expressed any ill will toward us, Not even the two Girls skipping across the street kissing. And we also had a positive experience while visiting the stores.. God bless all , Carry On

  5. Bud Wickman says:

    Good for Ashland ! I concur with the other “Pro Gun” peoples comments. With that being said, IF Ashland had gone the other way, you can rest assured that “law” would of been challenged and destroyed anyway. I do believe that Article 1 Section 27 of the Oregon Bill of Rights would have prevailed in the decision. As far as the naysayer who spoke about the “Wild West” in Ashland be reminded ….That is a term or phrase CREATED by Hollywood. And the last time I checked Hollywood is; 1) In California, a State that has a very high crime rate due to their strict anti gun laws. 2) Hollywood’s business is that of creating fantasy, anyway.
    Therefore, let California fantasize about their backwards gun laws in thinking that they are working for that State. It appears to me any State that would elect and then re-elect a hippy, hasn’t learned a thing in many years of upside down liberal legislation anyway…

  6. Ashlander says:

    Finally, a sign of intelligent life from the city council! (Carol Voisin notwithstanding). Don’t let the vocal minority fool you, we’re not all bad folks in Ashland. We still believe in liberty and individual freedoms.

  7. ira says:

    intelligent move on Ashland city council as far as I’m concerned

  8. Arcamigo says:

    I’m very happy with this decision, although I’m from Portland, and I only visit Medford and Ashland occasionally. To the citizen thinking this couldn’t happen because of Oregon’s Bill of Rights, it actually can, with OC being illegal in Portland and Beaverton. Ironically, it is legal with a CHL. I’ve never been to the Shakespeare Festival, so I would be happy to take Baldr’s seat…

  9. the tawd says:

    Congratulations to the people of Ashland. You got this one right.
    Thanks also to you out of towners for reminding the City Council that your rights need to be upheld if they expect you to visit and spend money.

  10. John Weinrich says:

    Awesome! I plan to move to Wilderville soon and watched this decision closely. I currently live in VA and OC daily. Now, what is being done to get that one vote off the city council?

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