Online Option For Jackson County Courts

MEDFORD, Ore. — Jackson County Courts are preparing for a sweeping systems upgrade later this month. It’s part of a statewide initiative to get all court records and documents filed electronically.

Jackson will be the 5th county in the state to switch to the new online system, known as Oregon E-Court. The Judicial Department claims this will allow court staff to access files more easily and securely.

Bob Kleker with Jackson Circuit Court says this will eventually save a good deal of time and potentially money, but there will be a transition period. The switch will officially be made on March 11th.

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  1. RidgeRunner says:

    Hope the public can get some access to follow up on the prosecution of the crook, for example, who stole from me, assaulted a friend, etc. A $300 signup fee is now required to find out what’s going on in a public court.
    Not to worry. If you don’t have the $$ & monthly fees, you can lose time from work to go to the courthouse and look it up for “free”.
    As it is now, the following quote applies to an on-line search of court cases which are publicly open court cases:

    “Unfortunately, court calendars will be of little help to most people. Court case lookups are not available online unless a subscription to OJIN is purchases from the state. This has a $295 non-refundable sign up fee, usage fees and monthly minimum. However, free lookups of OJIN can be made at most courthouses.”

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