Online Crime Reporting For Medford

MEDFORD, Ore. – The Medford Police Department is reminding the public that crime victims can help officers respond faster by reporting some crimes online.

The service is not new to Medford, but police want to remind the public that reporting some crimes online can eliminate the need to wait for a police officer to respond.

Crimes such as identity theft, vandalism or a non-injury hit and run can all be reported online at the convenience of the victim. It is important to note every crime reported gets reviewed and investigated by a police officer as usual. Officials say that the online service can help assure that all crime in the city is being reported. Medford PD officials say not only does reporting online save time for the victim, but it can also benefit the police department.

To submit a police report online, click here.  Medford Police want to point out that if you have information on a suspect in the crime you are reporting, it is best to call an officer instead of filling out the online form.