“One West Main” Project Begins

Old West MainMEDFORD, Ore. — A new construction project in Medford has officials hoping it will anchor the downtown area, and provide a boost to the economy. Developers broke ground on the project Friday afternoon.

Over the next year, the parking garage on West Main and Fir Streets will undergo a big change. It’s going to be turned into the headquarters for three local companies, and it’s going to provide space for new businesses to move into downtown Medford.

The project is called “One West Main,” and earlier Friday, city leaders held a groundbreaking ceremony for the site. The parking garage will be converted over the next year, and the four story building will house the offices for Pacific Retirement Services, Pro-Care, and Rogue Disposal.

The first floor of the building will be used for new shops and restaurants. Medford Mayor Gary Wheeler says the project was several years in the making, and he feels the building will be a hub to draw more people to the downtown area.

“This has what they call a ‘halo effect’ or a ‘ripple effect’, it goes out to the surrounding businesses, and people will come in and look to maybe expand their business or develop a new one in the area,” said Mayor Wheeler.

Mayor Wheeler says the project should not have a major impact on parking, he said the building design will include much of the existing parking garage, and the new structure will be built around the outside.


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  1. tim says:

    You guys really think this is going to help? I dont , with all the empty building’s downtown I think you guy’s should think why. THERE IS NO PARKING, and now you are going to take a parking garage that we the tax payers paid for( that by the way was closed to the publick), and turn it into another building? Who is paying for this? again we the tax paying public. Mayor Wheeler BAD IDEA, You should look at why Medford is the way it is. You want to help medford? Then empowering to police to go door to door and get rid of these gangs, the illeagel mexicans, the drugs, this is were the real problem lie’s. Medford is known as METHFORD, how sad is that? Spending this money on something like this is not going to help, and are these 3 business going the help flip the bill to build this building?

    1. Jeff says:

      1) The reason for many of the buildings being empty is because they are OLD and dilapidated. They will need to be demolished and rebuilt. Parking for these new structures will be determined as they are constructed. 2) The parking structure at One West Main was ALWAYS intended to provide parking for the building that was intended to be built at this site. This parking structure is currently only 10% to 15% utilized. Once the structure is build, 25% of ALL the parking spaces in the garage will still be dedicated to City parking and will not be used by the tenants of the new building. Seems like a win-win situation. 3) Could not agree with you more about empowering the police. If we, as citizens of Medford, want a vibrant and energized downtown, we cannot let it be overrun with gangs and drugs. But, the companies that are moving downtown are spending LOTS of their own money on this project. They are bringing their employees and their businesses to downtown. Let’s overrun downtown Medford with the GOODGUYS and take back our community. This is a GOOD first step!

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