One More Snowy & Rainy Day

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Snow and rain showers persist today and have already started to impact some mountain passes. ODOT has reported spots of ice on Siskiyou Summit, black ice on Lake of the Woods summit, packed snow on Diamond Lake Summit and slush on Chiloquin roads. Drive safely as you head out today as roads may be slick and visibility may be compromised due to fog, rain and snow.

We have a chance for thunderstorms throughout the day mainly at the coast but a few areas inland may hear thunder roar before the day is out. Locally heavy amounts of snow and rain possible with small hail again a possibility in thunderstorms as well. Strong winds possible along the ridges, in the basin, at the coast and in northern California making some areas experience temperatures feeling colder than they actually are; Crater Lake had wind chills in the 20s yesterday!

The jestream moves inland later tonight which will help dry us out, a few showers may linger tomorrow morning but most of tomorrow and Friday will be dry. A slight chance for showers returns late Friday with a better chance early next week.

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Thanks for logging on, drive safe and have a great day!

Meteorologist Megan Parry

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    why is the sun brighter than the moon

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