One Last Day of Heat Wave!

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We had some thunderstorms pop up almost out of nowhere this morning across Josephine & Douglas Counties! It was likely a result of the thunderstorm activity last night over Siskiyou County. Towards the end of a thunderstorm’s life cycle it will produce something called an outflow boundary, which is why gusty winds are common. This most likely traveled north and converged with the marine layer, with the help of the mountains, and produced some thunderstorms. There primarily two cells, both of which were producing a good amount of cloud to ground lightning. I have yet to hear if any fires began as a result–if you have any information shoot me an email! I’d love to know — alyssacaroprese@kdrv.com Or if you have any pictures!

Most of the “rain” on the radar was not even reaching the ground because the air is so dry. In these situations, the rain will evaporate as it falls through the dry surface layer. All of the activity has now moved to our north and skies are now clearing over Jackson, Josephine & Southern Douglas Counties. This will continue through the day, but by this afternoon (late afternoon) expect clouds to begin increasing and building up again.

Dry thunderstorms are a possibility by late afternoon for Siskiyou County again, but also Lake County. Due to thunderstorms developing in parts of Josephine and Douglas Counties overnight, it’s clear no specific area can be ruled out in these cases. However, the most likely chances are over Northern California, along the Cascades and east of the Cascades. Into Saturday this threat will decrease, but still linger.

By Sunday, a new and cooler air mass will settle into place and bump our temperatures down about 15 degrees compared to today. Through next week seasonal temperatures will be a cool and refreshing difference to the past several weeks.

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Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese