One Dead in Officer Involved Shooting

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MEDFORD, Ore. — One man is dead following an officer involved shooting on Sunday evening.  Medford Police said officers were called to the scene at 4:25 p.m. Neighbors had called 911 after noticing a suspicious man carrying a shot gun walking down Cherry Street on Medford’s west side.

When police arrived, the subject started firing his gun at the officers.  Two officers fired back in self defense, shooting and killing the man in a church parking lot on the corner of Stewart Ave. and Orchard Home Dr..  No officers were injured.  This all happened in a several minute time period.  Other police officers from various agencies including, Oregon State Police and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department arrived shortly after the incident.  Medical personnel were also dispatched to the scene.  NewsWatch 12 was first on the scene, and when we arrived the subject was appeared to be getting CPR from medical personnel.  Minutes later, the body was covered  up.

After further investigation, police said the subject was not only carrying the shot gun, but two other fire arms as well.  The suspect is now being identified as Stephen Andrew McMilon, a 52-year-old male and Medford resident.

Members of the Major Assault Death Investigation Unit are investigating the shooting. Medford Police is expected to meet with other police agencies Monday morning to discuss the investigation.

The four Medford Police officers involved in the shooting are currently on administrative leave for the time being.