On a Triple Digit Streak

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Another day has come and gone and yet again we saw triple digits.  This now makes the sixth day this year that we’ve broken the century mark.  All of those days were in July, so to put that in perspective, that’s almost have of the month so far.  We are expecting to add a few more tally marks to that number in the coming days, with forecast highs at or above 100 through Thursday.

The forecast is starting to sound like a broken record, and we aren’t even into the “doldrums” of summer yet.  Temperatures will remain above average throughout the next seven days, only dipping to the middle 90’s in west side valleys and northern California by the weekend.  The reason we will see a slight cool down is because the upper level ridge that is upon us now will start to lose a bit of its amplitude.  That means it won’t have such a drastic “hump” on the weather map.  As it flattens out, our temperatures will moderate a bit, but not much.

To go along with the triple digits, a heat advisory has been issued for portions of Jackson, Josephine, Curry, and Siskiyou Counties.  In southern Oregon, the heat advisory is in effect until Wednesday at 10 PM.  In northern California, it doesn’t expire until Thursday at 10 PM.  Make sure to keep the water handy and have a cool place nearby if you plan on spending extended periods of time outdoors.  If you typically exercise outside, tone down your workout until this heat subsides.

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Chief Meteorologist Kate McKenna