Old Farmhouse Restaurants Closed

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A popular chain restaurant in the Rogue Valley has suddenly shut its doors. The Old Farmhouse Restaurant closed all 5 locations this week, and the owner says it’s because of money problems.

For some people, it was a favorite breakfast spot, but now all of the Old Farmhouse restaurants in the Rogue Valley have been shut down. The doors were shut at all five of The Old Farmhouse locations this week, in Medford, White City, Phoenix and Ashland.

The company’s owner says the restaurants have been going through a cash flow problem and were not making much money. He says his only choice was to close the locations down, but it’s also means dozens of people are out of work. Customers were surprised Friday when they showed up for breakfast and lunch, and couldn’t get in.

The owner was also in the process of opening another location near Barnett and Riverside, but that project has been put on hold as well. The restaurants’ owner says he’s currently working to try to get the restaurants back open, but he says there’s no telling when or if that will happen.


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  1. Sisqsam says:

    You can’t go from one restaurant to five overnight. Too big too fast almost always fails.

  2. larry says:

    We enjoyed eating at the one across from the Mall. It was close and convenient. What happens now to our gift certificate that we still have? Sorry Greg had to close. Hope it turns around soon.

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