Old Bus Entrance To Be Restored

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A former bus station entrance and its original sign built in the late ’40’s will be restored. The Greyhound lettering is sitting at the Lithia Motors Warehouse right now, but its not staying there for long; it’s going to be attached to the former bus station entrance outside.

Despite being slightly weathered down, the former sign is still in decent condition. Medford architect Robert Keeny designed the lettering and portal in 1949. Soon, neon tubes will be installed behind it.

This lettering is sitting at the warehouse thanks to an anonymous donor. When the former bus station was torn down, he saved it. Once he heard the Medford Urban Renewal Agency was going to save the portal, he donated the lettering to go back on it.

Lithia Motors Corporate Building, which sits in the Commons project area, is planning to match the dollars to help off-set the city’s cost for the project. Those involved in the restoration say this project is possible through MURA, Lithia Motors, City Council, the Landmarks and Historic Preservation Commission, and Arts Commission.

“Everybody that has been involved in this has sort of come together and I’m just tickled that we are going to get this portal and we’re going to be able to save it. I think it’ll be a great thing for Medford,” said Historian Preservation Consultant George Kramer.

The rest of the former bus station was torn down to make way for the Commons project – Park Block Two. Construction bids are next in this project. The completion of everything is expected to be done by fall.