Old Blue Mt. Fire 100% Lined

oldbluefireNEAR ROGUE RIVER, Ore. — The Oregon Department of Forestry reported that thousands of gallons of helicopter-borne water was poured on the Old Blue Mountain Fire Tuesday, significantly knocking out numerous hot spots within the 99 acre fire that started late Monday during the thunderstorm.

Wednesday morning the fire is 100 percent lined and 100 percent plumbed, meaning the fire line was completed overnight and a system of fire hoses now encircles the burned area, according to ODF.

Old Blue Mountain fire is 30 percent contained. The firefighters objective Wednesday is to mop-up hot spots 300 feet inside the fire line and patrol outside of the fire line to watch for spot fires. Helicopters and air tankers are standing by.

ODF reported that there are no new fires on ODF’s Southwest Oregon District. However, reconnaissance flights are in the air Wednesday to search for any fires that were missed from Monday night’s thunderstorms.

A Level 1 evacuation alert (Be Ready) remains in effect for portions of Humbug Creek Rd. in Jackson County:

  • All homes on the left fork of Humbug Creek Rd;
  • Addresses 2542 and above on the main fork of Humbug Creek Rd (the dirt portion).