OLCC Reacts to Marijuana Measure

sko POT NEW 11SALEM, Ore. — The Oregon Liquor and Control Commission is getting ready for what could become Oregon’s recreational marijuana market.

Oregonians will get to vote on legalization of recreational marijuana in November, if enough of the 145 thousand signatures last week are valid. The ballot measure sets the OLCC as the regulatory body. Officials say the OLCC isn’t quite ready for it.

OLCC Chairman, Robert Patridge says, “We lack the training, we lack the testing that may have to go hand-in-hand with this. We lack,  frankly some of the legal obligations that would have to go with this.”

If the measure does pass, it would likely see some changes from the legislature.



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  1. Annie says:

    I really hope they check those signatures. The drug dealers are behind this stuff. Buying votes is how this is getting thru.
    NOT honest people. I have found they will lie about anything & people don’t take the time to check the truth out.
    It would be a serious mistake to legalize this stuff.
    Just since ‘medical’ pot was legalized look at how many times stories are changed & ‘facts’ revised to support falsehoods.
    A news story comes out contrary to ‘medical’ pot & the story is deleted almost before it a person can read it.
    THIS should tell thinking people a lot.

    1. Wings of Justice says:

      This is all vague & non-specific. What are you even talking about?

    2. Bull Dozer says:

      You should be very careful up on that pedestal. Apparently, you have no facts to fall back on.

      The real drug dealers would hate it if pot was legalized. It essentially puts them out of the pot business. It also puts the brakes on all the cartel money that comes here and supports these ruthless gangs you read about daily.

      The legalization would create a windfall of badly needed tax revenue while in turn saving the many millions we spend each year to prosecute and incarcerate honest citizens for something that’s never been proven to be any more harmful than the glass of wine you probably enjoy on a regular basis.

      That buying votes thing, that only happens in election and special interest campaigns.

  2. Wings of Justice says:

    Vicente Fox (former President of Mexico) and one of the Microsoft founders have a prototype for a national brand & dispensary program. Mr. Patridge is intelligent enough (appointed by the Governor) to figure these things out. They did it with prohibition. They have done it in the Netherlands. OLCC will have control (obviously) and can figure it out. They can always ask business professionals (say lawyers & college graduates) or the Duckworths; who have experienced a witch-burning, for what others are going to make millions on. No, make that billions.

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