OLCC Preparing for Marijuana Vote

7-2 marijuanaMEDFORD, Ore. – The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is getting ready for what could become the first market for recreational marijuana in Oregon.

Last week the political action committee New Approach Oregon submitted more than 145,000 signatures for a ballot measure in November. That measure would create a recreational market with the OLCC as its regulatory body.

Rob Patridge, the head of the OLCC, says they’re currently putting together cost projections for enforcing that market.

He says they don’t have exact numbers yet, but what they do know is that their current resources fall far short.

“Right now we operate 248 stores and licensees in various locations,” said Patridge. “It would take substantially more people for us to be able to take on this marijuana measure.”

The OLCC is looking at Washington and Colorado for inspiration. They also say it’s likely the legislature would make tweaks to the measure if it were ever to come into law.